Vantage's Post-Operative Knee Braces

Some examples of our Post-Operative Knee Braces
013000 post-op brace thumbnail 012000B post-op brace thumbnail 011000 post-op brace thumbnail C12050 post-op brace thumbnail C11050 post-op brace thumbnail
Our best seller!
Range-Of-Motion hinge
Full-leg gray hyperfoam
Circumferential strapping
Range-Of-Motion hinge
Trimline black hyperfoam
Circumferential strapping
#011000 billateral
Range-Of-Motion hinge
Full-leg gray hyperfoam
Circumferential strapping
Ultima Combo hinge
Trimline gray hyperfoam
Anterior-posterior strapping
#C11050 Bilateral
Ultima Combo hinge
Full-leg gray hyperfoam
Anterior-posterior strapping

Hinge choices - to fit any protocol
ROM hinge thumbnail Drop-lock hinge thumbnail Ultima Combo hinge thumbnail
The Range of Motion (ROM) Hinge

A leader in the market with strength
and reliability. Self-contained, simple
range of motion control with
10 degree incremental settings.
Optional patient cut-out.
The Drop-Lock Hinge

A proven performer!
A self-locking full extension system.
Immobilization with enhanced
compliance. Easily understood lock
settings enhance patient compliance.
The Ultima Combo Hinge

Our popular ROM hinge with something
unique... a self-locking full extension system! The Ultima will excel within
any knee protocol. Even if you change your protocol, the Ultima can change with you.

Foam Choices - comfort and control
Full-leg foam thumbnail Trimline foam thumbnail
Full-Leg Foam
High grade HyperFoam full-leg wraps provide comfort, durability and additional control.
Trimline Foam
High grade HyperFoam trimline wraps provide comfort and durability.

Strapping Choices - comfort and control
Circumferential Strapping thumbnail Anterior-Posterior strapping thumbnail
Circumferential Strapping
Integrated circumferential straps make
application a snap.
Anterior-Posterior Strapping
Anterior / posterior strapping gives unsurpassed control of the knee, both for ROM and full extension.

Other Features
strap slider thumbnail Trimmable strap thumbnail
Strap Slider System
The Vantage strap slider system allows
for the adjustment of each strap location.
These adjustments will permit the avoidance
of sensitive areas of the patient. Patient
discomfort from pressure on points such as
incisions, ACL hardware or tibial tunnels
will be a thing of the past!
Trimmable Straps
Trimmable strap allow superior fit without the "wrap around" common with other braces.

Size Sidebar Length Fits
Long 26" Inseams over 32"
Short 23" Inseams up to 32"
Bilateral 15" Universal

Post-Op Knee Brace Product Codes
Hinge Type Foam Style Strapping Foam color Product Codes
26" Sidebar
23" Sidebar
15" Sidebar
ROM Trimline Circumferential Gray 012000 012000S
Black 012000B 012000SB
Anterior-Posterior Gray 012050 012050S
Black 012050B 012050SB
Full-Leg Circumferential Gray 013000 013000S 011000
Black 013000B 013000SB 011000B
Anterior-Posterior Gray 013050 013050S 011050
Black 013050B 013050SB 011050B
Drop-Lock Trimline Circumferential Gray 015000 015000S
Black 015000B 015000SB
Anterior-Posterior Gray 015050 015050S
Black 015050B 015050SB
Full-Leg Circumferential Gray 014000 014000S 016000
Black 014000B 014000SB 016000B
Anterior-Posterior Gray 014050 014050S 016050
Black 014050B 014050SB 016050B
Ultima Combo Trimline Circumferential Gray C12000 C12000S
Black C12000B C12000SB
Anterior-Posterior Gray C12050 C12050S
Black C12050B C12050SB
Full-Leg Circumferential Gray C13000 C13000S C11000
Black C13000B C13000SB C11000B
Anterior-Posterior Gray C13050 C13050S C11050
Black C13050B C13050SB C11050B


Post-Op Shoe Inserts Shoe insert thumbnail
Size Fits Left / Right Product Code
Small Men's: 5 - 7 
Women's: < 7
Left 007521
Right 007524
Medium Men's: 8 - 10
Women's: 7 +
Left 007522
Right 007525
Large Men's: 11 +
Women's: N/A
Left 007523
Right 007526

Replacement Foam
Foam Style Size Product Code -
Product Code -
Full-Leg Long 010100 010100B
Short 010100S 010100SB
Trimline Long 010200 010200B
Short 010200S 010200SB
Bilateral 7" 010300 010300B

Replacement Straps
Configuration Product Code
Circumferential 010500
Anterior-Posterior 010550

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